The end?

So this is really, really late and I apologize for that. I was at London Super Comic Con and that kept me very busy to say the least (go here for my report on that!). But I’m back and I hope to get the next strip up as fast as I can.

As fas as this strip goes, I felt this was a good spot to show another location and establish what the Duran look like. There’s also a Duran Overlord now which sounded menacing enough and possibly the main antagonist? Leaning in that direction at this point but we’ll see where the next few strips take me.

I tried to animatie the Duran’s mouth here but it looked silly and left it for another time. Maybe I’ll try doing mouths in a dialogue heavy strip.

Anyway, with Joe seemingly dead, is this really the end?

HINT: It isn’t so wait until the next strip to see what happens!