Second strip on a Wednesday instead of a Monday so yeah, not off to a good start but I still intend to have one of these every week.

A couple of interesting things happened in the making of this. Obviously, it’s impossible with this “make it up as you go along” format for your mind not to wander into ideas for what will happen in future installments but I’m do enjoy the flexibility of it and it’s already paying dividends. I did not intend, for example, for Joe to have cybernetic elements. But the first strip shows only his right side so I thought hey, why not? Will that pay off in future episodes? Who knows?

In the previous strip, not knowing the limitations of the GIF format, I used gradients and worked in a style that is closer to an actual illustration of mine. This dropped the quality of the file quite noticeably (I’ve sinced reworked it and reuploaded it) so, this time, I worked with a very limited palette. This will be good in the long run as limiting myself will, ideally, lead to smarter decision making in terms of color and layout.

Lastly, this strip is definitely an “art first” type of deal. Basically, once I’ve figured out the basics of the strip and what will happen, taking into consideration which parts will animate, I lay things out directly on the page, illustrate them and animate them. As I do this, I’ll think of the dialogue which I’ll only actually write at the very of it all.

Another interesting thing I learned: Because I’m using limited animation on these, I can’t really use speed lines to imply motion because there already is actual motion. It’s contradictory.

Overall, this is getting to be quite fun and these posts will serve as ¬†journal of sorts to whatever the hell it is I’m struggling with at any given week.