Welcome to Science Fiction Segue!

I’ve been toying with the idea of doing a webcomic for a while but I have one big problem: I find it hard to commit to a story.

I’ve written down ideas for stories a number of times but I’ve failed at coming up with something that I’d truly be willing to devote myself to as a weekly endeavor. So how did I solve this?

Well, I’m winging it.

You know how they say it’s extremely important to have an ending to your story very early on? Well, I technically don’t even know what’s gonna happen in the next strip. I basically picked something I liked, in this case science fiction, and am making this up as I go along. Throughout the week, I’ll do my best to not think about anything that happens past the very next upcoming strip. This is basically straight ahead animation in webcomic form. That’s how I cleared that commitment hump and, hopefully, this method will lead to some creative solutions and unexpected situations. I’m looking forward to throwing wacky stuff into this.

One strip segues into the next ad infinitum.

Let’s see how this goes!